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Welcome to Poultry Butler!


Thank you for visiting the Poultry Butler! After 20 years of operation and over 17,000 units sold, we are confident that our worm drive system is the best on the market. Operating on your choice of a light sensor or a timer, the Poultry Butler will give your birds security against predators as well as give you more free time. This automatic coop door will meet your needs at an affordable priceThink of this as more of a tool and not a toy.

Our customer service boasts a less than 24-hour response time to your Poultry Butler inquiries.


We also enjoy a 99.5% success rate in the field. Just ask Linda from Oklahoma whose chicken coop was swept up in a twister. When her neighbor found the door a month later and plugged it in, the door was operational! The craftsmanship of the Poultry Butler is second to none. Our doors are manufactured for your convenience and protection against predators. They're constructed from galvanized steel and poly-wood - making them impervious to insects and weather. 

We would like to thank founder Jim Resh, for his years of tireless work and creative genius in the Poultry Butler’s conception and fruition.

About Our Doors

  • Enjoy free range poultry and eggs without the worry of night-time predators reaching your roosting birds

  • Poultry Butler's light sensor triggers the door to open when the sun shines and closes the door just after the sun sets. Poultry Butler also includes timer activation permitting you to set daily open and close times.

  • Poultry Butler is easy to install and requires minimum maintenance. Poultry Butler draws little power and can operate on 110 volts or 12 volts DC.


Product Details

  • Worm drive

  • Poly-wood and galvanized steel

  • Unique mechanical clutch

  • Digital controller/timer

  • Indicator lamp

  • Off-grid conversion

Collecting Eggs
 Durable Materials 
 Satisfaction Guaranteed
 Affordable Prices
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