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Why Buy a Poultry Butler?


If you are raising free range chickens in your backyard, you are already aware of the responsibilities of taking of care your chickens as well as protecting your girls. You are also familiar with waking up early to let your chickens out, as well as making sure you are home in time to get them back in their coop before any predators may get to them. 

Having an automatic chicken coop door can remove these burdens by assuming the responsibility of opening and closing the chicken coop door. 

Stay out late

With an automatic chicken coop door you are no longer bound to your house at night to make sure you get your chickens in their coop. Or, if you want to travel, you won't have to pay someone to come to your house both in the morning and night to let the chickens out and then back in. Your automatic chicken coop door will assume these responsibilities and by doing so, allow you to live your life. 

No Electricity

Poultry Butler will also operate on 12VDC garden tractor battery. The conversion is easy and you can add a 5 watt solar panel (suitable for most parts of the country) to keep your battery fully charged

Protection from Predators

Animals like rats, dogs, owls, foxes and others, will kill your chickens if left unguarded. By using an automatic chicken coop door, you will know that your chickens are safe in their coop when they are roosting. 

Wake up Refreshed

With an automatic chicken coop door, you will no longer have to wake up early to let your chickens out, as the chicken coop door will rise with the sun. 

Self timer

With the Poultry Butler, if you don't want the coop door to open and close based on the sun, you can opt to use the automatic timer mode. You can control the day and hour in which you want the chicken coop door to open and close. 

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USA Made

Prominent parts of our product are made in the USA

Metal Components

Poly Lumber

Drive Shafts

Made with US Steel

Made in Wisconsin

Made in Philadelphia, PA

Circuit Board Components

Made in Colorado

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