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How the Poultry Butler Works

Light Sensor Operation In this mode the unit is triggered by light levels. The approaching darkness causing the door to close. Sunrise will trigger the door to open. An adjustment potentiometer on the circuit board will permit you to change the light triggering levels in the event the door is closing too soon. The 7’ foot light sensor cord can be extended an additional 15’ (#22 gauge wire required) in the event your coop is located in the shade. The light sensor should be mounted facing west (setting sun) Artificial light sources should also be considered since they may trigger the unit to open at night. The timer/controller should be placed in the ”off” mode with the light sensor attached. 

12VDC Operation You can replace the included power supply with a garden tractor battery to have “off grid” operation. This is a good option if you utilize portable housing for your free range birds. The larger amp-hour battery you use the longer the door will operate before the battery will need recharged. Or you can install a 5 watt solar panel to maintain battery charge. Switching to battery operation only requires replacing included transformer with the battery making sure you maintain the correct polarity. (red lead is positive, black lead negative)

Timer Operation Door operation is governed by set times you establish. The timer/controller will need to be set in the “auto” position with the light sensor disconnected. The timer/controller contains an internal battery so that the current time and settings you established will not be lost in the event of a power failure. You have the option to set daily open/close times if you wish. 

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