Purchase the Poultry Butler - Automatic Chicken Coop Door

You can choose the standard, large, or horizontal automatic chicken coop door to fit your coop. You can also purchase parts and priority shipping below.

*Click on the image for dimensions and price.

Standard Door
Door Size 9" x 13"
Mounting Area 12" x 32"
Large Door
Door Size 11" x 15"
Mounting Area 14" x 36" $199.00
Horizontal Door
Door size 10" x 13"
Mounting Area 24" x 16" $189.00
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Priority Shipping
All models are shipped USPS parcel post to limit your costs. Delivery time is 2-9 days. Priority shipping (2-3 days) is available at an extra charge.

Insured and Guaranteed

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If you are not satisfied with the craftsmanship, easy installation and performance of the Poultry Butler simply return within 30 days for a complete refund.

Your birds will thank you!
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