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General Questions:  

Using Your Poultry Butler


  1. Is there anything else I need to purchase?  The Poultry Butler comes with everything (except mounting screws) needed for timer or light sensor operation. An optional 15’ control cable is available if you would like remote operation

  2. What are my power requirements?  The Poultry Butler is shipped for 110 VAC operation. Converting to battery/solar operation will require the purchase of a 12 volt rechargeable battery and a 5 watt 12 volt solar panel. You will disconnect the 110 VAC power supply and replace with the battery. We suggest a minimum 9"X13" trickle down solar panel (battery charging style). 12 Volt application available in the replacement parts.

  3. My coop is located in a shady area will the Poultry Butler work for me?  The light sensor is adjustable permitting you to set when the door will open/close based on light levels. If the adjustments still don’t meet your needs you can easily switch to timer operation.

  4. If power goes out will I have to reset the timer?  No, the timer/controller comes with an internal battery backup so it will always display the correct time and your preprogrammed settings.

  5. Can I mount the Poultry Butler outside my coop?  You will need to purchase the optional 15’ control cable so that controller/timer and power supply are kept inside. A waterproof cover/roof to prevent water from entering the top of the Poultry Butler is recommended. 

  6. Is there a warranty?  If not satisfied you can return within 30 days for a refund. Parts are warrantied for 90 days from the date of purchase.

  7. What maintenance is required?  The worm drive shaft and door track will require periodic lubrication with a light oil. Debris should be removed from the base of the door. Periodically the door track should be cleaned with soap and water to remove any accumulated coop dust.


  1. The door will not rise when controller/timer in the ON position. Check that red light located on the circuit board is on. If on, remove access cover and check that the wire connections to the terminal block are secure. Check that timer connection leads are secure and connected at the proper locations. If using a battery, check that it is charged.

  2. The door will not close when it is dark and I’m in the light sensor mode (OFF position on controller/timer).  Disconnect one of the light sensor leads by removing the wire nut. If door begins to close light sensor needs replaced. If door does not close check that lower green switch makes a clicking sound when the lever is depressed. If switch is clicking then circuit board needs replaced.

  3. The worm shaft is turning but door will not lift.  Check that nothing has lodged under the access cover. Increase clutch pressure by turning set screw clockwise. (3/32 Allen wrench required). If needed, emergency replacement ball bearing is located in the top right corner of the motor compartment.

  4. The red transformer light is blinking. The door track needs lubricated. Unplug transformer and apply lubricant to the worm shaft and then lift the door manually two inches so clutch drive gets lubricated also. Restore power and run door through an open (On) and close (Off) cycle with controller/timer. If it continues to blink contact The Poultry Butler.

  5. The Poultry Butler operates on 11.75-13.25 volts. If the voltage is below 11.25 the door will open and remain open until power supply is connected. If the voltage exceeds 13.25 the door will close and remain closed until the correct voltage is maintained.

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